Insane Photos from the Winners of the Sony World Photography Awards

© Josselin Cornou, Winner, France National Award

The Sony World Photography Award winners have been announced, and here are a few. 

The following photos are just a portion of winners from the National category, where awards are given to the best single photo from each participating country. And while they’re all pretty amazing in their own right, one of the most epic comes from French photographer Josselin Cornou, who snapped the photo above during an expedition to the Antartic peninsula. This is what he had to say about the insane moment in between the ice shelves:

“In March 2016, I headed to the Antarctic Peninsula, as part of an expedition with explorer Robert Swan. On our way to the 66th parallel south, our boat was navigating in silence through 30 meter (100 feet) high tabular icebergs that were once part of the Larsen Ice Shelf. Those mesmerizing structures were displaying subzero icy corridors, forming a highly photogenic gargantuan maze. The scene was magnificent, but also incredibly scary. I took my camera, I had to show the world the impact that global warming has had. Equipped with a 70-200mm, I started to play with the magnificent landscape around me, trying to display the geometric magnificence of those structures. After envisioning the shot, I had to wait the right moment, and had only a few seconds to get it right.”

Check out some more below, or the full lineup here.

© Henning S. Pettersen, Winner, Norway National Award
© Jian Seng Soh, Winner, Malaysia National Award
© Arek Rataj, Winner, Poland National Award
© Nikunj Rathod, Winner, India National Award
© Santos Moreno Villar, Winner, Spain National Award
© Mohammad Amir Hamja, Winner, Bangladesh National Award
© Luís Godinho, Winner, Portugal National Award
© Camilo Diaz, Winner, Colombia National Award
© Shabir Mian, Winner, Pakistan National Award
© Argus Paul Estabrook, Winner, USA National Award
© Khalid Alsabat, Winner, Saudi Arabia National Award
© Bernard Ward, Winner, Ireland National Award
© Salvatore Mazzeo, Winner, Italy National Award
© Emrah Karakoç, Winner, Turkey National Award

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