Are Music Photographers One-Trick Ponies?

James Adams and Sam Brumby are here to prove they don’t just shoot music, ’cause nobody puts tall, hairy baby in the corner.

The pair are out to prove they can do much more than shoot live music (which we can already vouch for). Don’t be intimidated by their impressive facial hair—they’re a couple of top blokes who take impressive snaps, which will be adorning the walls of MC HQ for all to see. Swing by, have a few beers, but don’t mention music. Artworks and limited edition zines will be available, but you can get a head start on the rest of the crowd by checking out the catalogue here. Prints will be on Lambda Lustre Paper with the option of framed or unframed in editions of 5.

Come check out No Music at Monster Children’s Australia Street Gallery next Friday the 31st of March, proudly presented by Budweiser and with support from Pixel Perfect.

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