Tanner Rozunko’s had a Solid Few Months

Tanner Rozunko came up with surf dorks Kolohe Andino, Ian Crane and the like, and was always the cool one in the group.

Now that’s not really saying much, but Tanner’s actually one of surfing’s worthy fringe-dwellers. The dude skates almost as good as he surfs, plays in a sick band; he’s just generally onto it. This edit’s the product of the last couple of months, apparently, and boy does it look like a good time (although I have my doubts about the Ments firing like that in the offseason). The kid mightn’t be world class in the surf department, but there’s a lot to be said for a solid all-rounder who’s got interests outside of fin placement and the merits of single to double concaves. Furthermore, there’s definitely something to be said for the motivationals of watching someone surf that the average joe can relate to. Three minutes of backflips doesn’t really make me want to go wrestle the bluebottles out the front, but this, just, might.

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