The World’s Longest 50-50 Grind

Alright, my friends, we’re coming in hot with a new segment (column?  I don’t know) I spent maybe twenty seconds coming up with a title for called “Stoke of the Week.”

Words by Adam Abada

This isn’t the best clip of the week, it isn’t a recap of all the best tricks, and ain’t nobody paying me diddly to represent them. Now that that’s outta the way let’s get right to it. This one scratched a real itch of mine. I have no idea what algorithm sent this across my digital desk but I do know that a few weeks ago I verbally wondered what happened to Moose. “Who cares?” I believe was the answer I received. Forget that! I just moved to California, rewatched the Deathwish Video, and wanted to know what one of Los Angeles’ smoothest tech-gnar operators is up to. But in this day and age you better believe the Internet is listening. And boy, did it answer me. What’s he doing? He’s popping two inch high ollies and grinding mad long, that’s what. 292 feet? World record? Who cares! You sending that into the Guinness Book? It’s a red curb for crying out loud. What’s a slappy? Hop on that thing and ride it out, brother! His back wheel doesn’t even turn. And then he and his filmer Christian Shephard, two presumably grown-ass people, bump into each other and roll around on the asphalt of a creepy business-parky suburban street while some juiced-up rally car parks in the background. Thank you internet for spying on me through my phone speaker, thank you weird YouTube math that popped that into my “Up next’ cue, thank you Moose for reminding me of a time when all I wanted to do was grind as long as I could down my suburban street, thank you curbs, thank you Christian for filming and falling and smiling through it all. I mean that. I feel like I’m fourteen years old.

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