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We’re into exclusivity here at MC.

If you’re in you’re in, if you’re not, well, leave your number at the door and we most likely won’t get back to you. Luckily for you, because you’re reading this email, we’d like you to solidify your position as a part of our family. The way that you can prove you’re one of the gang is by owning a tote like this. You see, only people who subscribe to the magazine get to drag their clutter around in a “Print is Dead” premium twill tote bag. It’s literally the only way you’ll get one. So not only do you get four capsules a year packed with your definitive guide to cultural happenings—for the very reasonable cost of $45—but you also get a neat satchel to carry it around in.

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There’s a reason that we adopted “Print is Dead. Long live Print” as our mantra. It’s because we’re stubborn as all hell, and we ain’t planning on dying anytime soon. Rather than leave it to chance however, grease our palms and we promise we’ll scratch your back.

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