Banks, the Subtlest of Surf Brands

Banks have made their inroad into the surf world in the most tasteful of fashions.

Very much the bastion of the thinking surfer, the brand’s less into faux-features like stretch, and more into well-cut garments that last. Their latest collection features Banks family members Jared Mell and Kahana Kalama, and was captured on film by logger-turned-photographer Dane Peterson.

The trio took the tested pilgrimage to Baja California, and captured the new range in typical low-key fashion; the abstract photography perfectly capturing the emphasis on the escape and time spent in the ocean with friends.

The collection itself is very much in the coastal chic bracket. Muted tone long sleeve shirts just thick enough to keep off the chill of an early morning offshore, thick striped trunks—one of the few acceptable means of standing out in the surf—and tasteful prints, sweats and accessories. Whether you’re heading down the coast or perusing through the city, Banks is one “surf” brand totally fit for the grown man to wear.

If you’re in the market for some universally wearable threads, then hop in here.

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