Ta-ku’s Exhibition ‘823’ Brings Analogue to Life

There’s no doubt that Regan Matthews, aka Ta-ku, has a lot of everything going on at the one time.

But somehow, the multi-talented Perth native has managed to free up some time to put together a collaborative exhibition between himself and visual artist, animator and musician, Sam Price. The exhibition 823 features photos by Ta-ku, and visuals by Sam Price at FORM Gallery in Perth, WA. During a recent trip to the lands of the East, Ta-Ku found himself obsessively capturing moments on analogue film, images which would go on to form the basis of the exhibition and which Price would work his magic with. The results were far from your stock standard, prints on the wall exhibition kinda thing, with the collaboration of mediums and ideas resulting in some pretty epic projections that bring Ta-ku’s travel photos to life.

We were lucky enough to be given access to Ta-ku’s personal collection of photos that inspired the entire project, and they reaffirmed the need to return to the wonderfully weird land of Japan (and beyond) as soon as humanly possible. Check out the snaps below, and if you’re based in Perth don’t miss out on seeing 823, you’ve got until March 4 to see it.

For more info, go here.

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