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Here’s What Went Down at Party in the Paddock

Seamus and Dylan

┬áIt’s drawing to the end of summer music festivals, and goddamn it’s been a good one.

And what better than Tassie’s own Party in the Paddock to provide the cherry on top of an already amazing slew of music? For a festival in its fifth year, it pulled some really big names from the Australian music scene, as well as being the last show for Sticky Fingers before they go on an indefinite hiatus. We sent photographer Lachlan Walker down to the little island down south to capture all the action on and off stage, and that he did.

Tash Sultana

Skegss stole my camera and did a photo shoot with their manager.

Anty from The Bennies on stage with Wil from The Smith Street Band


“That’s not fucking beer.” Backstage with Skegss

When nature calls. Skegss ft. The Smith Street Band

Paddy – Sticky Fingers


Sampa The Great

“Tonight you’re watching a piece of history.” Sticky Fingers

Chris from The Smith Street Band

The end of an era. Farewell for now boys.

Kim Churchill. Nicest bloke ever.

Tommy Franklin

Tash Sultana is a true musical talent. Absolutely insane.

Wil knows

A grown man pouring his beer all over himself, whilst giving another grown man a lap dance will never fail to be entertaining.

Skate ramp at a music festival? Party in the Paddock has it sorted.

Pass~Port Presents. Good~bye. VX
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Pass~Port Presents. Good~bye. VX

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