The Line-up For the Keep Sydney Open Rally is Here

Fight for your right to party this Saturday the 18th.

The last Keep Sydney Open rally was blocked by the peanuts in the Supreme Court, meaning not only are they depriving us of nightlife but also the right to protest. But unlike ex-Prem Casino Mike, we just won’t go away, and you can get involved at rally number three this Saturday the 18th at Martin Place.

If protesting for the right to save your city’s nightlife isn’t enough to get you there, the lineup should be. Members from legendary Aussie band GANGgajang, Hugo Gruzman from Flight Facilities, and Montaigne will be playing, with more to be announced. As an added extra, you can get a ‘Sydney nightlife choc top’ which pays homage to probably the most embarrassing government campaign in the history of the universe.

Better start thinking about your witty signs already though—the new Premier’s name is Gladys Berejiklian and fuck knows what that is going to rhyme with.

For more details, check the Keep Sydney Open Facebook.

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