Fuck the Grammys, Here are the 5 Best Tracks of the Week

Mac’s back.

The Grammy’s just happened, and aside from Adele and Beyonce, no good came of it.

Cee-Lo Green made a golden ass of himself, Michael Jackson’s daughter accidentally called her dad a legend instead of a paedophile, and some 100% certified assholes called Twenty One Pilots accepted their award in their undies. It was the opposite of what the kids like to call LIT. So it seems only fair to counteract that lack of lit with some total litness. Featuring Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, Jesca Hoop and Mac DeMarco, here’s the littest tracks of the past week.

Jesca Hoop – Memories Are Now

Anything Blake Mills touches turns to gold, but I’m pretty sure this was 22-karat to begin with. Jesca’s new album, Memories Are Now, just dropped, and you better clear the goddamn way, cause she’s coming through, no matter what you say, she’s got work to be doing, and if you’re not here to help, go find some other life to ruin. Let me show you the door.

Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains – Tendre Est l’Âme

If I spoke French, would this song sound as exotic? No. But guess what? I don’t speak French, so right now I’m on a sailboat with ‎Audrey Tautou and we’re sharing a baguette. This song is the first single from Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains’ upcoming album, Solide Mirage, out March 3.

The New Year–Recent History

Some songs make me nostalgic for a life I never lived. ‘Recent History’, the first piece of new music from The New Year since 2008 is one such song. It makes me pine for that Spring in 2004 when Christy, Ben, Maurice and I rented that cabin in Quinault Rainforest with the high ceilings and learnt how to make apricot biscotti. If only I had photos from that time, but I don’t, because it never happened.

Mac DeMarco – My Old Man

Guess what I just found out? Mac DeMarco’s real name is MacBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco. Just when I thought I couldn’t like the guy any more than I already do. ‘My Old Man’ is a zenned out coming of age float down the riverbed, taken from his upcoming third album, This Old Dog, out May 5th.

Yorkston Thorne Khan – False True Piya

Indian-folk-jazz fusion band Yorkston Thorne Khan release their new album, Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars in a few weeks, and this is the first single from it. Sung half in English, half in Hindi, it tells the tale of a lover riddled with pain. Happy Valentines Day.

Honourable Mention: EMO TRUMP

I love the internet.

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