Decorate a Rugrat With an MC Kids Tee

These Monster Kids Tees are the best gifts since those shitty Frozen DVDs.

Whether it’s your kid, your friend’s kid, or another little rugrat related to you, everyone knows a kid. So why not decorate said rugrat with the name of your favourite magazine that frequently uses profanity and shoots women with no clothes on?

Kevin Lyons Kid’s Tee

We’ll put money on the fact that the little grom you’re giving this to has no idea who the artist Kevin Lyons is. But you will, and that’s the point. Your clothing a child in culture instead of a snooze-puff-willy-wally-whatever-they’re-into-these-days. So when they say “Cool! That’s a funny, furry looking creature!” you can sit them down, teach them the merit of art in today’s society. In return, they get a free shirt and put you in the boring adult basket forever and always. Buy it here.

Stussy Script Kid’s Tee

What a lovely tee. What a lovely child. Aren’t you glad it’s not yours? We’re kidding, kids are the future and they’re gonna save us from global warming one day and deserved to be cloaked in only the finest garments known to man. Such as this Stussy Script Tee. You should get this for a kid because it’s way better than getting a Frozen DVD. Buy it here.

Monster Kid’s Tee

There’s a hell on earth, and its name is Kids Section at your local Kmart/Walmart. But why did you go there? You needed a present for a child you know, and now you’re surrounded by tiny humans screaming bloody murder. Hard to concentrate on picking a good gift, right? Save yourself, buy this tee. Buy it here.

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