The Best Shots On and Off Stage at Laneway

Big Kev – Melb

These are the best behind the scenes shots you’re gonna see from Laneway.

The Laneway Festivals across the country have just wrapped up, and though many in attendance were left with sore heads, confetti stuck with sweat onto backs, and ringing ears, music photographer Maclay Heriot had something a lot more tangible for us to hold onto. The talented bastard travelled around and photographed plenty of behind the scenes action and zero Instagram models, which suits us just fine. Whether it was pre-show cold tins of Budweiser with Gang of Youths and Whitney, on the decks at the after-after parties or walking 2km with a tub full of beers stolen from Tame Impala, Maclay caught it all. Here’s to Laneway—you were a hell of a time.

Joji from Gang of Youths with Whitney – singing Springsteen
Julian from Whitney – Brisbane
Jono spinning the tunes at after after party – Brissy
Tash Sultana’s manager after she gets #3 in Hottest 100
Julia Jacklin – Melb

Stealing Tame impalas leftover rider with Malcolm and Josiah from Whitney – Brisbane
Jo and Malcom trying to find maxi taxis to party, but just ended up walking two kms with a tub full of piss
Dune Rats – Hottest 100 BBQ Brissy
King Gizz
Pool buddies – Whitney and DZ death rays
Confetti at Tame
Josiah trying some new merchy out
Titties for Tame
Dave through Max’s legs- Melb
Car Seat Headrest – Converse shoes say FUCK YOU – Melb
Monitor people backstage of Tame – Melb
Mosh casualty
Chet/Nick Murphy on decks
Kevin Parker
Danny Rogers and St. Jerome – Boss boys
Gang of Youths pre show backstage hustle
Camp Cope being lovely – Perth
GOY – Lord of guitar techs
Charles from Whitney – Adelaide chills
Camp Cope – Adelaide
Jonny enjoying Bad Dreems – Adelaide
Whitney about to take down Melbourne
Dave from Gang of Youths before the first Oz Laneway show
Danny Dune Rats – Who’s Scott Green – Perth


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