Back to the Feature – Tom Remillard

Considering that this series is about paying homage to the iconic images of skateboarding’s past, we all knew it would only be a matter of time until Eric Dressen entered the conversation.

Before it was commonplace for a skater to be able to bust on both vert and street, Eric Dressen was out bombing hills, mashing curbs, hucking out of vert ramps like it was all the same thing. It only makes sense that Tom Remillard, all-terrain ripper in his own right, would take a crack at replicating Dressen’s first Independent Trucks ad for his Back to the Feature submission.

What’s always been fun about these features is that, along with getting to dig up a photo of a trick and test its staying power, you also get to revisit a spot and see if and how time has affected it. Kenter Canyon School, the old school Dogtown TF, has been getting burn since the 70slong before Tom Remillard was even a thought. But there’s still some magic left, as you’ll see. Watch Tom relive the formative years of one of the best to ever do it, jump ramp and all. Extra props for keeping with continuity and doing it on an original Dressen board with OJ Wheels.

Original Dressen photo by Chuck Katz. Remillard redux realized by trusty photographer, Andrew Peters.

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