Here’s the albums that you should be excited about in 2017

Every man and his Apple Head Chihuahua are happy to be done with 2016, and we’re all looking eagerly to the year ahead.

What riches will it bring? In terms of ear gold, 2017 is shaping up to be a treasure trove. Lorde, Ariel Pink and Ryan Adams are all set to release new music this year whilst Wayne Coyne is slated to unleash yet another tone-deaf soundtrack to his ongoing biopic, Sad and Public Midlife Crisis.

Anyway, here’s a couple releases were most looking forward to:

Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood, Myths 002 – Jan 27

I haven’t even heard a song from this EP and I already know it will be fire. Ariel Pink is a melodic marvel and Weyes Blood is an ethereal spirit, and together I can only imagine they will be invincible. You all know Mr.Pink, so here’s a taste of Ms Blood incase you’re unenlightened.

Ryan Adams, Prisoner – Feb 17

Here’s the first single from what by the sounds of it will be a characteristically sick album from a seemingly perpetually heartbroken man.

At the Drive-In – TBA

No set date for this one, but ATDI dropped their first single in 16 years at the close of last year and it felt like they’d never left. Along with announcing an east coast tour of the US this March, they’ve promised we’ll hear a new album sometime in 2017, produced by guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Rich Costey.

Lorde – TBA

Half ‘to be announced’ half ‘this is just wishful thinking’, Lorde is not only totally due for a follow up to her sensational debut Pure Heroine but she’s hinted at a 2017 release date, too. “The big day is not tomorrow, or even next month realistically, but soon”, she said at the end of 2016. Remember the first time you heard ‘Royals’, and then found out she was 16? Jeee-zus

The Orwells, Terrible Human Beings – Feb 17

Another February baby, Terrible Human Beings is the Chicago five-piece’s third full length. Having had the privilege of already hearing the album in its entirety, I can personally attest to its fury and fire. 10/10 would listen again.



And now to balance out all that good with some bad. Like, really bad, here’s a couple of upcoming releases you’re gonna wanna turn a blind ear to.

The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody – Who cares?

Oh, cool, Wayne Coyne is still making music……..not.

Marilyn Manson, SAY10 – TBA

I’m the first to admit “Beautiful People” and “Dope Show” were straight up jams. But what has Brian Hugh Warner done since? Bedded a bunch of babes way out of his league, that’s what. Musically though…this was his last offering, and to that, I SAY0.

The Offspring – TBA

4,477,000 people have watched this video. Sure, probably 3,000 of them have done so out of curiosity or spite, but that still leaves 4,473,000 people I have to work out how to coexist with.

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