Christmas Money Burning a Hole in your Pocket?

What’s this shot got to do with material possessions? Well, absolutely nothing, that’s the point. Pure bliss, by James Bowden.

If you’ve got a little Xmas money from grandma burning a hole in your pocket then here’s some trinkets that you might be interested in.

It’s getting increasingly harder to buy presents. With each passing year we load up on more and more ‘stuff’, and we seem to become less in tune with what each other wants. So, if you’ve recently found yourself awash with cash after returning/flogging a wayward present, then here’s our pick of objects worth the price of admission.

Mullet Fish Finger

Summer’s a blessing on all fronts. All fronts, apart from the surf fronts. If you live anywhere in the vicinity of a city, it’s time to ditch the fibreglass and get one of these. Seriously, we’ve converted to the Mullet, and we’re not going back until the flags come down and the hordes clear out. These babies aren’t far off the performance of your everyday, and, they’re twice the fun. Run over a puffy British whale frolicking in the shorey on your regular craft? Shame on Bondi Rescue. Spear a Pom on one of these? Just let out a giggle and paddle out for another. Get ’em while they’re hot, right here.

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Living with sub-par headphones is living in the Dark Ages. When a set of these landed on the desk I was Fred Flintstone. Now? I’m George bloody Jetson. Previously I had to pretend not to hear tedious co-workers. Now, I genuinely can’t hear them. Still beats, still Dre, right here.

Assembly St Agni Slides

Finding a solid pair of plain black slides should be straightforward, but in reality, it’s a nightmare. I recently purchased a pair from a brand that shall remain nameless, that took the best part of a month to sail from the UK. When they arrived, they were made entirely of rubber, industrial rubber. After half a day of wear, my feet looked like they’d perturbed from my trench on the Western Front after a poorly timed handstand, and been shot to bits. These, plain, simple, leather, slides from Assembly, are the polar opposite. Soft as butter, and clean on the eye, in here.

Globe Unemployable Book

Globe’s longevity is testament to the mindset of yanking the handbrake off at the top of the hill and seeing where you end up. A book of this girth serves many purposes. Propping open doors, smoothing out crinkled posters, surprising (and subsequently knocking over) co-workers when you throw it at them and shout “catch.” Joking aside, Unemployable’s an amazing chronicle of all the pies that Globe have stuck their fingers in—remember Gallaz? Mooks? Two full-time chroniclers were hired to plunge their mitts into the archives, and the book’s a great source of all things skate and surf. A worthy addition to the bookshelf, here.

Rhythm Everyday Trunk

My love for Rhythm trunks grows stronger each summer. And this summer, these are the go-to, assuming that the kind gents at Rhythm see this waffle and deem it worthy of sending me a pair. If you do the surfing, then there’s no reason to wear anything other than Rhythm’s sig. cotton blend. When they’re wet, they’re heavy and warm (don’t pretend that your meagre serf skillz require micro fibres or anything with the words ‘hyper’ ‘super’ or ‘core’ in them) and, they won’t give you a rash, ever. Pleasing to the eye, and functional in the saline, right here.

Burton Heritage Down Jacket.

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’re either in the cruel grips of winter, or the even crueller grips of summer. Well, you needn’t fret in either camp—the snow’s never more than a flight away. Thankfully, the days of wacky snow fash are behind us, and we’ve returned to something a little more sensible. The Heritage Down Jacket from Burton’s everything you need from a winter coat. The outer’s made of Dryride Durashell fabric (i.e. ain’t no moisture getting anywhere near your skin), and the inner’s duck down, as in what expensive duvets are made from, in short. Warm as balls, in here.

Coal Wilderness Hat

We made a collab hat with Coal and it was pretty much the best melon decoration ever. But, if you’ve tired of wearing the same cap every day, then here’s one for every other day. And, if you’ve never worn a corduroy hat then we really implore you to give it a shot. Soft, ribbed, supreme comfort, in here.

Adelio Myer Vest

Summer’s approaching, and if you’ve snuck on a couple of pounds over winter, then a vest like this is very much your friend. The terrifying prospect of surfing with your pasty, increasingly hairy rig can be avoided, and the Myer vest’s warm, flexy and practical. Unlike the front zip that you’ve been wearing for the last three years, whoever decided to bring that back should be confined to Chateau D’if from now until eternity. Slip into summer, here.

Sunday Somewhere Ubud Sunnies

I left my Saint Laurents on a table at The Cricketers Arms at the weekend, and someone swiped ’em. Now, I don’t blame the felon one iota, if you’re stupid (see also: liquored) enough to leave a pair of $400 sunnies on the table in a beer garden then you deserve to lose them. Full stop. These Sunday Somewheres are as fine a replacement as any, and they’re included here purely and shamelessly in the hope that the fine folk at SS might see this and send me a pair. Please chaps… my retinas are a hurtin’. Get yours here.

Triumph and Disaster Scrub

There comes a time in every man’s life when buying cosmetics at the supermarket/stealing them off your girlfriend just won’t cut it. We recently received a package from the kind folks at T&D, and after a weekend of unrepentant sinning, I took to my face with the Volcanic Ash and Green Clay Face Scrub with the hopes of shedding the outer layer of grime and debauchery. Did I manage to scrub my conscience clear? No. Did I have clear, smooth skin? Absolutely. Get scrubbing, right here.

Channel Islands Twin Fin

Twins are so vogue right now, but most of them aren’t much good for anything other than soul arching and hair flicks. If you’re more into hacking the eyes out of waves rather than grooving to the music, then this one’s for you. Dane Reynolds suggests riding it with an itsy bitsy trailer, and when he speaks equipment, you listen. Dream ride, here.

HUF x MC Bubbles Tee

Our pals from Huf came to Oz to hang out, and between lengthy and enthusiastic ale drinking sessions, they actually managed to bag some clips. Sammy Winter and Craig Anderson were their informal guides, and Bubbles the accompanying film. To commemorate this momentous union, we made some apparel. Get your limited Huf x MC clobber, here.

Nixon The Mission Watch

 A man should own a watch. They make you more attractive to women, and it sure beats yanking your bulbous phone out of your pocket every four minutes to check the time. The Mission from Nixon says, “I know how to gut a fish, change a tyre, start a fire my scrupulously rubbing two sticks together…” even if you don’t. What a few white lies between lovers, in here.

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