Chippa Wilson’s a Great Test Pilot for Rubber

He’s also played the pro surfer game perfectly.

Chip rode the fame wave gifted to him by winning Stab‘s surf idol contest Little Weeds in 2010 perfectly, eventually inking a major deal with a bulbous company who had money to burn, but no real integrity in the surf game. After cashing in for a couple of years, building a couple of cribs in his native Cabarita, Chippa’s now in the process of placing the cherry on top of his renaissance by linking up with brands that while they mightn’t be paying motoX money, are much more in line with his easy-going north coast stock, the latest of which, as evidenced above, is Adelio wetsuits.

To put the rubber to the test, Chip and the gang took to the frigid seas of Norway, and the empty beachies and coves of soon-to-be vogue surf destination Tasmania. Judging by the amount of ┬áspins, hacks and shove-it variations that he manages to fit into a minute-and-a-half, it’d be safe to say that that the rubber’s amply warm and supple enough to give a man room to move (that and the fact that I’ve got one and can concur that it’s soft as suede and flexy as anything).

Dive into your next summer, winter, whatever suit, right here.

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