Breaking News: Hawaii No Longer a Scary Place to Go Surfing

The North Shore of Oahu’s the most fiercely-guarded stretch of coastline in surfing, period.

And Velzyland has long been one of the most un-haole-friendly wave on the stretch. However, judging by the amount of fun that Messieurs Knost and Ericson had over winter, could it be that the 7 mile miracle’s now more accepting of the surfer with a more eclectic taste?

Now this mightn’t be the pinnacle of high-performance surfing, but these two—Mr Knost especially—have played a pivotal role in shifting surfing culture towards a more open-minded attitude towards equipment. And jeez, V-Land sure looks like a blast on a heavy single fin.

(Disclaimer: Snagging a gem at Velzyland might be slightly more of a reality than days past, but paddle out at pipe and try and snag a set off da boys and you’ll soon see that there’s some ecosystems that’ll never be short of alphas to slap you back into place the beach.)

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