MC Premiere: The Tune You Shouldn’t Listen to at Work

There’s some music you just shouldn’t listen to at work.

Secret Dance Affair from Aussie duo Happiness is Wealth is one such track, because it’s just such damn sultry disco you immediately want to be anywhere but indoors acting responsibly. But, if you’re a sucker for daydreaming about post-work activities, then pop on your headphones and give their newly dropped seven-minute track a whirl. (Or you like something a little less pop and a little more dirty, check out S.T.E.A.M, the title speaks for itself). The pair, Surahn Sidhu and Omar Varts, are bringing some much needed modern disco/French house sound to the Australian music scene, and if electronic based music isn’t really your thing because “anyone can hit buttons,” hear us out. The pair combine guitar, synth, percussion, live vocals and production, so they’ve got quite the arsenal of skills to get you nice and steamy on the dance floor. Having their fingers in a number of pies, from Empire of the Sun to Flight Facilities, to fashion and visual material, the guys have put aside enough time to do their first ever festival run across Australia.

And they do killer mixtapes, of which they’ve made us our very own MC mix. To say we’re chuffed is an understatement. Reflections in Rainbows ( Monster Children Mezcal Mix ) is three straight hours of aural bliss, as well as being an all vinyl mix recorded live. Best played at house party volume, with a glass of mezcal in hand—just how it was created. We guarantee even your neighbours won’t complain, because what kind of monster would stop such a groove? Get your seven minutes of heaven by downloading Secret Dance Affair here, or download Wealth’s MC mix right here.

Catch Wealth in Sydney tonight at the Royal Croquet Club at Bondi Beach.


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