You No Longer Have to be Online to Watch Netflix

mc-netflixFinally, something decent to watch on the plane!

Just when you thought Netflix didn’t have any more surprises in store, the streaming service has taken a leaf out of the Spotify playbook and introduced offline playback, allowing users to download movies and television shows to the app.

While it’s important to note that “downloading” doesn’t mean you can keep a permanent copy of Sing Street (epic new indie movie worth watching) on your device, your selected favs will be stored and available offline on your respective phone or tablet app once you’ve “downloaded” them.

That means no internet required, and you can catch up on The Crown or rewatch Stranger Things on a whim—even at the holiday rental that for some reason doesn’t have wifi in 2016… Or on Airplane mode when your phone’s in low power mode.

Better yet, it doesn’t cost anything extra, works on Android and iOs, and applies to a vast majority of the Netflix catalogue – though not all, depending on individual movie rights.

It’s not all roses though, with offline viewing unavailable on Macbooks and laptops due to the fact an app isn’t available for them. And given that like us we assume you do most of your binging on your Macbook and not your phone, that’s a bit of a bummer.

But given CEO Ted Sarantos suggested a few months back that offline streaming wasn’t on Netflix’s radar for most countries, we expect that like Spotify, Netflix will eventually add an app to Macbook or upgrade the website. But until then, watching Black Mirror on your phone or tablet (do people still use those?) will have to suffice.

Oh, and to get the upgrade, you simply need to update your app and it will happen automatically. Then simply look for the download button on the details page.

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