A Playlist by Nuge We’re Sure to Overcook

Life without bass for Nuge is, “like TV without colour.”

Anyone who rips as hard as they do on concrete as they do on bass is someone we’re going to trust to put together a few nice jams for us. Which is why we’ve handed over the responsibility of our next Apple Music playlist to Baker team member and Arctic band member, Nuge. With tunes from The Velvet Underground, War, ZZ Top and Black Sabbath, you can guarantee we’re going to overcook this one in the office, by playing it five times a day until someone cracks it.



Nuge’s got a few loves—skating, bass, pho and his vintage Trans Am. Safe to say you probably don’t have an equally suave ride, but chuck on his “Straight Driving” playlist, close your eyes and turn on your bedroom fan and you’re almost there. And in case you haven’t jumped ship and joined Apple Music yet, you really should. We’re on there, and we’ve got some big wigs in all parts of the world curating the best of the best, while we take all the credit. Jump on it, the first three months are free too.

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