The President Dump Mix, by Ian Rogers


This isn’t the first time we’ve asked Ian Rogers to lend us his ears.

But you’ll forgive us, as the man’s been head of Yahoo’s music service, web developer for The Beastie Boys and CEO of Beats music—jobs that no doubt requires certain business savvy, but also impeccable taste in music. In the interest of putting a musical soundtrack to the absolute shit show that had been the last week, we’ve asked Ian to kindly curate a playlist, one he’s named, The President Dump Mix.

The playlist is a real white-knuckle journey throughout the election process. From the denial of a Trump win (Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag), to the realisation this was really real life (Everything Turns Grey by Agent Orange), to the final, miserable acceptance of a Trump presidency (We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now by Dead Kennedys ). So, put the increasingly bleak year of ’16 in a tub of rice, and revel in some good tunes.

And in case you haven’t jumped ship and joined Apple Music yet, you really should. We’re on there, and we’ve got some big wigs in all parts of the world curating the best of the best, while we take all the credit. Jump on it, the first three months are free too.

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