Love or Hate Them, the Oasis Doco looks Amazing

“If there were gold medals for taking drugs for England I would have won a shitload.” Noel Gallagher

Oasis are a polarising band—you either love them or you hate them, but you definitely can’t fault them their entertainment value. Supersonic, produced by the same team behind Amy,  features archival footage of the band, from the very beginnings through to their height of fame. Although they had to record their voice-overs separately and apparently Chris Martin had to be peacemaker amongst them, an Oasis documentary filmed with the cooperation of the Gallagher brothers is sure to be a doozy. An insight into one of the most famous sibling feuds in the world, but also a monumentally popular band that would eventually be run into the ground by the two members that arguably made them huge to begin with.

And it wouldn’t be a Gallagher/Oasis project if there wasn’t some public shit talking (with only a hint of subtlety), as Liam wrote on his Twitter, “Just seen the trailer for oasis film i must say I do come across mighty fine super real unlike some people see you at the premiere LG x”

While we’re on Oasis shit talking, we highly recommend a trip down memory lane, to Noel Gallagher’s audio commentary on a collection of Oasis’ music videos. He’s really got a way with words. Such gems include, “Was there really all these birds in this video?” It’s like a fucking scene from Britain’s next top model. The missus wouldn’t you do a video like that now, would she? There’d be fucking uproar.” As well as, “There the clothes I went out in the night before. I remember Liam being furious that day, cause I think it’s the one time I’ve been more drunk than he has.”

Supersonic will be out in cinemas next month.

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