Burton takes the Dork out of camping

Burton have made the perfect tent for your dork-free getaway.

Camping’s super rad but camp gear’s generally the dorkiest shit around. People take the great outdoors super seriously, and it’s not uncommon for some crusty old couple with a fully functioning kitchen, living room, shower and king sized bedroom complete with a pop up four poster bed to look down their noses at your poorly erected Kmart tent. But Burton have said no more.

Thankfully for you intrepid outdoorsmen (and women) the champs at Burton have made the perfect tent for your dork-free getaway. It’s camouflage, super easy to set up, and it won’t blow away in a stiff breeze, leaving you free to enjoy what camping’s really about: Drinking as much beer as humanly possible, and building the biggest goddamn fire anyone’s ever seen. A word to the wise, the best way to do the camping is to blend in seamlessly like your cute camouflage tent. Electronic music has absolutely no place whatsoever on the campsite, unless you’re covered in glow-in-the-dark paint surrounded by woodland pixies with a head full of psilocybin. Keep it discreet.

The tent’s two man, three season, and’s full of useful pockets for stowing stuff. And another super awesome feature is that it’s got night vision glowing guylines! So even if you have ingested fourteen lukewarm tins of hops, there’s absolutely no excuse for a stumble. Grab yourself a perfectly covert piece of camping equipment, thanks to Burton, right here.

Extra campsite kudos obviously applies when it comes to matching accessories.

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