Sony To Make Contact Lenses That Record Your Life

Sony's Patent Application for 'Smart Lenses'
Sony’s Patent Application for ‘Smart Lenses’

There’s this episode of the TV Series Black Mirror called ‘The Entire History of You’, where everyone has a chip inserted behind their ear and can record every minute of their life, then play their memories back in front of their eyes or on a screen at their will.

They call the process a ‘re-do.’ It’s a strange, scary, and extremely unsettling concept that ends in disaster—and now Sony intend on making it a reality.

Cool. Thanks Sony.

The tech giant filed a patent application for contact lenses capable of recording and playing video content, with different functions of the ‘smart lenses’ activated by blinking. A team of seven Japanese inventors designed the contacts, which would include a camera, a wireless processing unit and a storage unit. It works pretty simply—you turn the camera on and off by closing your eyelids. But what happens if you just blink naturally, and don’t mean to hit record? According to the patent application which was published this month, usual blinking lasts 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds, so if blinking exceeds 0.5 seconds, the blinking is conscious and the contact will recognise this and become activated.

Sound weird? That’s because it is. Welcome to the future. We hate it here.

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