Food for Fashion


Yelp has gone to shit. Unless I’m looking for a dry-cleaner within a half mile radius of my house, I ain’t trusting the opinions on there with jack. Especially not my taste buds.

If only there was something out there curated by a bunch of creative, like-minded individuals whose opinion I could trust, telling me where to go and what to eat. My mind must be bugged, because editor Zac Bayly and art director Stacia Hadlutomo have created just that—Food For Fashion, a magazine featuring recipes and reviews from some of the coolest cats in the fashion world and beyond. Game of Throne’s Maisie Williams shares who made the cut as her favourite butcher in Clutton, Romance was Born’s co-founder Anna Plunkett lifts the lid on the world’s best chicken stock recipe, dumpling Chef Yao Zhang models a delicious Prabal Gurung coat, and the whole thing is signed off by none other than Twiggy, who provides the final word to close the magazine. It’s really fun, really, really clever, and aesthetically, it’s mouth-watering. Choc-a-block full of interesting stuff, too. Jam packed. Did I mention the saucy pictures? What, am I being cheesy?

Feast your eyes on a sneak peek below, and then devour the full meal here.






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