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Last year, we profiled a fine young photographer named Cole Barash in our people department. He mentioned a project he had been working on for quite some time, Six Girls, Six Cities, or 6G6C, if you want to fit it on a license plate.

He seemed really excited about it, and said he wouldn’t be doing anything with the images until they found the right home. Over the weekend, Cole unveiled his series in an exhibition at Picture Farm Gallery in NY, and today launched the book which will now permanently house the series. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve seen selects from his body of work. But know what you haven’t seen? Cole’s hands holding his own goddamn book, that’s what. No ones seen them except us, and now, we’re sharing them in all their black pinky-ed glory with you, along with a bunch of funny things Cole told us about books. While I’m using the B word so much, here it is once more – whatever you do today, make sure you buy his bloody book.


NYC 8 001


MC: Whats the best thing you can do with a photo book?

CB: I put them very neatly away on the bookshelf next to all the other ones so I can easily re visit them constantly and give my thumb a break from Instagram and tumblr – two new cool hip super chill ways to view photography, especially if it has a lot of over saturation, terrible sequencing, and a lot of likes. (Ironically, you can find Cole on Instagram here.)


London 008

Do you ever pull out photos from a book and put them on your wall?

Actually, the funny thing is, there is a poster from the opening of the exhibition that is 24″ X 26” and meant to be hung up.  On the other side it has a bunch of contact sheets on it.


NYC 2 002

Where do you never want to see your photo book end up?

Pac sun.  And next to other books that may have such titles as Shoot Like a Pro, How to Conquer Social Media and Wedding Photography for Dummies.


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