Regrets, I have a few.

I have a few regrets in life, but my main one – like the big daddy of regrets is that I never learnt how to play guitar when I was young.

My dad plays and plays well, for my 12th birthday he bought me an acoustic guitar with an Ernie Ball – ‘How to play guitar’ book, and boy-oh-boy was I disgusted, for some unknown reason I had my heart set on a snow sled, which as I was living in the snowless South West of Western Australia would be absolutely fucking useless. So the spoilt little shit that I am; kicks, screams and refuses to learn or even play the thing so it was allocated to a cupboard never to be seen again. Skip forward a decade or so, and now I’m well into all kinds of music, and any time I go near an instrument it wails like a cat giving birth to a littler of rhinos – not pretty. Now a 11 years further and I’m well into my mid-life crisis, I’ve decided to learn, which is where this post is leading … online and to the pork-pie hat wearing Marty Schwartz – god I love him, he’s patiently guided me through some chords and simple three chord songs, and well I just felt like I needed to say thanks. Thanks Marty, although sometimes you get a little carried away in the Pentatonic Scale ‘sweet spot’ which baffles me, I feel that soon I’ll be packing out Rooty Hill RSL playing all kinds of ludicrous 70’s guitar rock. I knew this world wide web thing would have a use one day.

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