Escapist, Kansas City

Escapist Skateboarding in Kansas City, Missouri just wised up and started selling Monster Children magazine in their shop. The owner, Dan Askew answered some of our questions below.

Weirdest customer experience?

It would have to be this kook who said he was sponsored by DC, but they haven’t been sending him his boxes lately and he was pissed about it. Then he said Eric Koston was his cousin, although he spells his last name different. He was rambling on and on about some other random stuff that I can’t recall. This was like 6-7 years ago.

Top 3 favorite things in the store right now:

’80s skateboard collection hanging on the wall, vast DVD offerings in the case. I’m addicted to Stance socks.

What’s on the store playlist?

Fugazi radio on Spotify.

Best lunch break activities?

Trying to wolf it down before the next customer comes in.

Escapist motto?

“I skate for fun and that’s it. If I don’t have fun, you’ll see me quit.” – Jeff Phillips

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